Fluffy cake with strawberries

Fluffy cake with strawberries


Fluffy cake with strawberries (preparation: 15 min. + baking 45 min.)

I can just say WOW :)))

I am so surprised. I baked this cake the first time and result was better than my expectations.
It's so good that I cannot believe.
I know....if the recipe from www.jadlonomia.pl describes something, we really can expect it but I baked the standard cakes many times in the past and it just happened that cake was wet and failing...

Here is the perfect Super Fluffy Cake. I love it. Just the next time will add more strawberries :)))


  • as a reference for this recipe a cup= 250 ml
  • this portion of dough is enough for 24-30 cm baking tin
  • for any recipe I use apple cider vinegar. It is healthy and beneficial for our health
  • in this recipe we use aquafaba. Aquafaba is a vegan substitute of egg. 3 tablespoons of aquafaba =1 whole egg. We can find aquafaba in the tins or jars with chickpeas :)
    When we use aquafaba to bake a cake, we can use chickpeas to prepare hummus :)
Original recipe by Marta Dymek https://www.jadlonomia.com/
Photo by Your Kindness


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First of all, check if you have all the necessary ingredients for this recipe. Pay attention to the quantities!
Next, follow the steps to finalize your dish and finally be able to enjoy it!

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