Humans do their best to live in a safe and comfortable environment. In general we consider, our fundamentals are respect, understanding, compassion and the humans rights.

Besides development, human has unbelievable power to create the most complex and complicated structures, starting from  never ending  armed conflicts, social inequality and destruction of the only home we have.

The fact are:

  • Earth is our home, the only one we have- there is no Plan(et) “B”

If we go too far, might be simply too late to do anything.  We are just a part of ecosystem but our activity is the most destructive.

  • reciprocation

If we expect respect, understanding and compassion, we should be able to give all these in return.
Ethics  should be always at first.

  • perception and awareness should be a part of our development

Development should enable us to increase  the selfpreservation instinct. Development which is leading to destruction does not make sense.

During the last few years we can hear more and more about the climate change driven by overusing the natural resources and extensive humans’ activity.  Also more and more companies are taking  a social responsibility for implementing  solutions to improve the condition of our environment.

Have You heard about Earth Overshoot Day ? It refers to the humanity demand for ecological resources and services, exceeding the Earth ability to regenerate, in range of 1 year. In 2020 it was August 22nd [1].

Referring to the United Nations estimates, the world human population in 2020 reached 7,8 billion [2] . Estimated population at the beginning of the 19th  century was about 1 billion. It means population increased almost 8- folds during  a bit over 2 centuries and projected evolution presents an upward trend for the coming decades [3].

While thinking of the existence and estimates of population increase, it is reasonable to refer to the Abraham Maslow’s needs hierarchy and the basis of its structure, which are the philological needs like air, water, food [4].

Without fulfilling the basic needs we will not be able to achieve anything else. We can be sure-what happens today with our climate will affect either us or the future generations.

Starting from the beginning. How to feed all of us?