Considering all the numbers below, it is easy to understand that our future is based of awareness.

  • the world human population in 2020 reached 7,8 billion; [1]
  • in 2019 about 220 million of farmed animals, around the world were killed per day for consumption purpose. Considering all the animals the number increased to 1 billion per day;

Animals welfare should be  a standard but it is simply impossible to deliver good care, conditions & meet the market expectations (fast result and low price).
Besides any process which is considered as industrial is changing a living being into just a number or statistics.  

It is also difficult to imagine how much of  natural resources we use to feed all the animals.

General view of water consumption is delivered by The water footprint of the selected food products [2]

Considering water needed to produce vegetables vs. bovine meat, water used to deliver 1 kg of bovine meat, can be used to produce 47 kg of vegetables.

Just to compare any of these numbers to another daily activity. Average shower takes 9,4l per minute [3]. If we consider taking a 6 minutes shower, it takes 57l.


  • Referring to UNEP Food Waste Index Report 2021 estimates, about 931 million tonnes of food waste was generated in 2019 [4],
  • according to FAO, 690 million people in the world (8.9 percent of the world population) were undernourished in 2019 [5],

All these lead to the conclusions. Right?

Changes are essential and it might be really the last moment.