Vegan for ethics, health and the Planet 💚

This website is non-profit project dedicated for all the people who are open for something new.

I have been Vegan since January 2019 and decided, it is a good time to start sharing my experience to show that is worth and easy. It would be great to exclude the animal exploitation from daily life but I am realistic.
After many years of standard diet, I don’t expect that all the people will change their life style and become Vegans. Referring to myself, I know it is a process.

We mostly live fast, in rush, solving daily problems. Being busy is not leaving much time to think of what is behind the package of food. Being unaware might be convenient, as awareness requires taking some action. This part seems to be the most difficult.

I would like to encourage You to the plant based diet, share some facts and statistics. Who knows maybe this will be Your first step.
I hope You enjoy.

Yours faithfully, Ms. YK