Animals on the road

YouΒ  for sure know all these animals
Depending on the rigion, country or area You can seeΒ  them crossing the roads.Β 

The only thing is that they need time to cross it and often we do not give them enough time πŸ™„

You for sure also know these road signs. The drivers often ignore them.

All these road signs are placed along the roads by purpose- for safty of the drivers but also ANIMALS.
I live in the area of the National Park. I see on daily basis, the driversΒ  who overspeed and break the rules.

By doing that, they put in risk the other people’s life but also animals who hit by car have no chances to survive.

Driving according to the rules gives time for reaction.

The speed limits take into consideration theΒ  local requirements,Β  conditions or circumstances that might take place.
People who hit the animal by the car and leave are “very small”. Providing help or informing relevant service is mandatory, otherwise the animal can be dieing in pain for long hours or even days.

It is difficult for me to see all these death animals left on the road. I have removed dozens of death animals from the roads. Mostly cats, foxes, hedgehogs, birds, squirrels. I take them from the road and place on the roadside.

Β To take an action and stay safe I always have in the car a “safety set”.

Why is that so much important for me?
First of all because the animals deserve better but humans fail. The second because their death bodies should not be run over by the cars without respect like they would mean nothing. The last reason is general safety on the road.
Humans fail in so many areas πŸ˜”
We are not the only species that want to live and deserve respect.

Regards, Your Kindness