Animals exploitation 2020 update

Another year, another scary numbers- I call them the statistics of shame 😞 Meat industry is like an over speeding mean of transport and  the CONSUMER is the driver, who should know that using the brake is the only solution  for ethics, better health and saving the environment.

Why do we eat meat & dairy ?
Well, our grandparents gave it to our parents, our parents gave it to us, we give it to our children.

What the CONSUMER requires at first?
A lot and cheap!

I know, how much effort, attention and money takes to provide a good care to 7 cats and dogs.
How much of that would be needed to provide a good care to  78 840 840 471 of different animals ?

The answer: it is simply  impossible to do it!

This is the number of the farmed animals killed in 2020 [1]

Even more animals lost life in 2020. Just add:
– billions of wild and farmed fish and crustaceans,
– millions of animals farmed for fur and fashion,
– millions of animals who lost their lives due to mortality in the “whole production process”,
– illegal animals & meat trade, testing on animals and hunting;

Great study is provided by Heinrich Böll Foundation, in “Meat waste: a lot less than the whole fog[2]

It is indeed another problem caused by humans- high level of resources used and wasted by the meat & dairy industry. The animals mortality due to farming standards and transport conditions  generate great suffer for the animals and hidden costs for the Planet.

Question: Who pays for that? 
Answer: All of us and it is not only the money.

79 billion of the farmed animals only, were killed to fed  7,8 billion of people? At the same time about 10% of the world population remained undernourished [3]

Imagine, how much fodder, water & energy is used  for meat or dairy production ?  We could use all the resources to feed people and reduce impact on the environment.
Remember that animals used by dairy industry, sooner or later become a part of meat industry.

Earth Overshoot Day. It refers to the humanity demand for ecological resources and services, exceeding the Earth ability to regenerate, in range of 1 year
In 2020 it was August 22nd
In 2021 it was July 29th [4]
In 2022 it was July 28th [5]

Transformation can start at Your home.

If You disagree with animals cruelty and disrespect to animals welfare, devastation of environment, food waste and would like to create the better future,  start transformation at Your home. Get information, think of Your daily choices, take aware decisions and remember many things are only about our perception.

Plant based world gives so many options, that You can be only surprised.

The hardest part seems to be taking the 1st step.

[1] Food and Agriculture Organization of United Nations/ (Region: World + (Total), Element: Producing Animals/Slaughtered, Items Aggregated: Meat, Total > (List), Year: 2020 > file type XLS)