I strongly believe that beauty is something what we carry inside. These are multiplied factors based on respect, understanding, sharing and compassion.
Usually positive emotion are linked to the symbol of heart but in real all starts in our mind.
Nowadays inner beauty needs a “frame” as it is invisible at first sight.

I think all of Us use some cosmetics.

The basic ones just to stay clean and various options of color ones to improve the appearance.

Changing the diet might seem challenging but choosing plant based and cruelty free cosmetics is really a small step to make a big difference.
Some companies are 100% plant based & cruelty free, but many companies create a new range of Vegan products . That’s how it starts I appreciate it.

What does Your outer beauty get by Vegan cosmetics?

Plants grow FREE without stress, they do not suffer or experience pain. They accumulate the energy of the Earth, solar and wind power, slash of rain.
That is what we need- real touch of pure nature. Plants offer so much that using animal-derived ingredients is needless.

Testing the cosmetics on animals is another topic.
From 2013 it is banned in EU. Unfortunately the companies which sell their products on the specific markets like China have to pass this kind of mandatory testing.

Also it is still allowed in many other regions and countries.

Based on the Humane Society International (HSI), we can see the progress based on their actions and well as timeline of the changes.

You can check here which companies do & do not  test the cosmetics on animals.

I really do not spend more for any cosmetics now. Especially the chain stores have a high range of Vegan cosmetics in good prices.
I encourage You to check the labels on the cosmetics and look for the V/ Vegan/ Cruelty free products.

I am sure, You will find there all You need.

Wish You all the best, Your Kindness